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Rainbow Hunter

Жанр: downtempo

Релиз: 2014

1. Flight Of The Spirit
2. Rainbow Hunter
3. Heavens Cry
4. Freezing Point
5. Do You Hear
6. Farewell
7. Priestess Of Candlelight


The concept’s debut album, “Rainbow Hunter”, is based on the novel «Priestess Of Candlelight», written in 1995 by Helga Eriksson. The novel’s genre is the psychedelic era of the 70′s, and the story is built on a succession of mysterious circumstances, leading the main character through time and space. Pictures of the distant past are no less real than the
present, and the future is constantly asserting itself, embodied in dreams and prophecies. Astrology and mysticism, magic, and reincarnation – all this (and more) is here in the novel, and this was to initiate the birth of many usical ideas materialized later in ARGONIKA’s songs.