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Kineta Lounge 2

Жанр: Lounge, chillout

Релиз: 2017

1. Cayo Largo - Still Dreaming
2. D. Batistatos feat. Evita Saloustrou - In the End
3. TonyModi feat. Lola - Platinum Blonde
4. Dense - Star In A Cage
5. TonyModi & Kerensa Stephens - Slowly
6. Stimulus Timbre - Journey Begins
7. Translippers - Full Moon Kiss
8. Kick Bong - Time in Suspense
9. Zero Cult - Фropical Sun
10. Side Liner - Thameki

 Kineta is a beach town in West Attica, Greece, 56km from Center of Athens. It is part of the municipality of Megara. Situated on the northern coast of the Saronic Gulf, south of the Geraneia mountains. The rocks of Kakia Skala lie to the east.
10 chill lounge anthems selected by Side Liner, who enjoying since his childhood the relax atmosphere that comes from the stunning sea & mountain view of Kineta. Discover Kineta, Discover Cosmicleaf and relax!