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Lavoro d'Amore

Жанр: progressive rock

Релиз: 2015

1 The Acknowledgement Day
2 Lavoro d'Amore
3 Unanticipated
4 il Vento Ritorna
5 There Are The Workers Of Iniquity Fallen
6 Need For Someone Else
7 Invisible Animals
8 Every Branch That Beareth Fruit
9 Ascension Dream (Peak Version)
10 What Are You Thinking About?
11 Ending

 This is album about spiritual path of man - from the band which plays unclassifiable kind of music.
Classics, prog-rock, world music, psychedelia, avant-garde... These styles are mixed here in the
strange manner. Purely instrumental music for people looking for newest and original art.
:Listen to 11 tracks in order to go on an unforgettable journey into the marvellous worlds!
If you like King Crimson and Pink Floyd that this album can be your cup of tea. If you like
something else, that, perhaps, this album will be your teapot of tea.