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Selected space-ambient works

Жанр: Ambient

Релиз: 2014

1 God's Channel
2 Languor 2.0
3 Betelgeuse (Live edit)
4 In The Middle (Live edit)
5 Event Horizon
6 Immersion
7 Whiff Of Eternity

This release is a much-anticipated ticket for the new journey to the unfathomable worlds, across the starlit voids, to the places that no one dares to go. Astropilot once again will lead the ship of your imagination filling the sails with his melodies imbued with angelic tranquility, intricate and fluid as the spring streams in the melting snow, along with space images and the immersive narrative, which connects the stops between the beginning and the end. The marvels of the Universe are at the tips of your fingers.