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Especial Bands (Finland)

Sound of Success

Жанр: рок, альтернативная, поп-рок

Релиз: 2014

1 Block of Flats - Raise the Party
2 Expected Boy - Rats in My Back
3 MadCraft - Shining Bright
4 The Master Volume - I Dance Better Than Your Girlfriend
5 Crimsonic - In the End
6 Mind of Doll - Wolves
7 Montage - Misty High
8 The Funeral Honors - Policy of Flirt
9 End of Aeon - Too Late
10 Exthenia - Future Is A Dead End
11 Enthring - Mellowheart
12 Limelight Showdown - Circles
13 Heartbreak Suicide - Unbreakable
14 Kings & Kerosene - Let's Get Crazy
15 Riverland - Hugs


This spring Especial Bands in cooperation with 3Plet Publishing Ou will release a compilation of underground music from Finland called "Sound of Success". An album consists of 13 different tracks from all over the Finland and songs of Moscow band The Funeral Honors and St. Petersburg rockers Heartbreak Suicide. Not only geography of the members is broad but difference between music styles cause you can hear almost all of them from pop-rock to symphonic death metal.
"Sound of Success" is a new stage in the development of Especial Bands. It's not just a simple compilation that you can download from global Internet. The album will be released as the new format 3Plet which converts a folder with mp3 files into colorful application for mobile devices.