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Ronny Morris (USA)

Built to Last (Greenpeace) Edit

Жанр: Pop-rock

Релиз: 2014

1 Built to Last (Greenpeace) Edit
2 Built to Last (Rich Morel's Hot Sauce Mix)
3 Built to Last (Rich Morel's Hot Sauce Mix) Radio Edit
4 Built To Last ( Leon El Ray Royal Club Remix)
5 Built To Last ( Leon El Ray Royal Radio Remix)
6 Built to Last (Ganga Mix)
7 Built to Last (Ganga Mix) Radio Edit
8 Built to last (Michael A.M - Demolition Mix)
9 Built to Last (Michael AM - Demolition Mix) Radio Edit
10 Built to Last (Kites & Komets Mix)
11 Built To Last (Keyzer Roland Mix)
12 Built to Last (Warmlight Mix)



Ronny Morris joins Sir Paul McCartney, Sir Richard
Branson and Chris Martin in line up for Greenpeace


Independent artist gets the attention of Greenpeace and Spotify and joins world famous artists, declaring the Arctic a global sanctuary

NEW YORK, NY - April 2014 – Greenpeace and Morris Music are proud to announce that Award Winning recording artist Ronny Morris will release his first track in support of Greenpeace, taken from his debut album entitled Sweet Silence.

The song, titled “Built to Last” which includes the release of three music videos and twelve remixes by artist like Rich Morel (P!nk, Depeche Mode, The Killers), DJ Ganga and Leon El Ray, is scheduled to be available via Spotify and all digital retailers from April 22, 2014. Ronny Morris is teaming up with Greenpeace and Spotify on the release of this charity single where all revenue will go to the support of the Save The Arctic movement, which includes prominent names such as Radiohead, Sir Paul McCartney, and Chris Martin from Coldplay, supporting over 5 million people worldwide who has already signed the petition on savethearctic.org.

Birgitte Lesanner, Head of Communications in Greenpeace Nordic, is pleased to have Morris join their prestigious lineup of musicians who have joined over 5 million people worldwide who have petitioned for saving the Artic. ”We’re grateful for Ronny Morris and Spotify's support to the Arctic campaign. The livelihood of the unique wildlife in the Arctic is changing rapidly. However, the very same oil companies that caused the ice to melt in the first place do not see it as a warning sign. Unfortunately they see the melting ice as a business opportunity. Only a strong global movement can stop the Arctic oil rush,” says Ms. Lesanner.

Ronny Morris, who is an avid proponent of Greenpeace, is thrilled that he can do his part in addressing this global issue. ”The Arctic is melting faster than anyone could predict. Due to climate change an entire region is under threat. I hope this campaign will help open people’s eyes to the great danger we are in. Hopefully, some will even join the movement to protect the Arctic,” says Ronny Morris. “Being that the U.N. Secretary- General is currently traveling to Greenland to inspect the consequences of global warming should definitely raise concern for everyone.”

The Save the Arctic campaign works for a ban on offshore oil drilling in the Arctic region, a stop on unregulated and destructive fisheries in the Arctic and a global sanctuary on! the uninhabited area around the North Pole.

Morris’s music has been featured in award winning films and major American TV shows such as One Tree Hill, Brothers Sisters and Ghost Whisperer and was recently honored with two HMMA awards. Remixes of his songs are available on more than sixteen compilation CDs sold in 52 countries worldwide, including the world renowned Buddha Bar Compilation.