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Denny De Kay and Samantha Farrell

Love And Decay (FREE RELEASE)

Жанр: Хаус

Релиз: 2014

 01 Denny De Kay - Falling In Love (ft.Samantha Farrell)
02 Denny De Kay - Love And Decay (ft.Samantha Farrell)
03 Morning Talks (ft. Samantha Farrell)
04 Falling In Love (Electro-Breaks Remix)
05 Love and Decay (ft Innessa) (Acoustic Vesrsion)
06 Morning Talks (Instrumental)

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Axiomatic Records (Moscow) and System Recordings (New York) present this massive American-Russian Electronic Music collaboration between Samantha Farrel, an American vocalist, who was considered to be nominated for Grammy and Denny De Kay (aka Den Kozlov): the pioneer of Electronic Music, a winner of awards for innovations in music by Russian Ministry Of Culture, a London based Russian EDM producer.