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Жанр: Psycho active ethno industrial

Релиз: 2014

1 P - of - M ( peace of mind )
3 T - of - U (Thinking of you)
5 ---- 98 ----


To go your own way. To see no borders. To be timeless. To avoid clichés.
To belong nowhere. To belong everywhere. To be constantly in development.
To groove the brain. Bottom and top. North and South. To brain the groove.
To beat the boom. To boom the beat.

This is “Boom Beat”. This is their own way. Sometimes they call it “Psycho Active Ethno Industrial”.
However there’s no aim to follow any known style. Its somehow conceptional music. If you use the word Experimental maybe you have a chance to define it. Sometimes you find elements of:
Break Beat, Trip-Hop, Reggae, Avant-garde, World music, Ethnic Fusion, Dub, Industrial, Art Rock,
Post Rock, Minimalism and Psychedelia..
Some say, that Sasha Pushkin´s voice sometimes reminds one of Tom Waits and Lou Reed.
Always modern grooves. Always progressive sound. Always an emotionally loaded beat.
Always a litlle unusual. Never colorless. It goes way off. With hot pepper!

Electronic rhythms are combined with live percussion. Greek Tzura, or Ukrainian Domra with guitar, played by a wooden stick. The electric cello with distorted voice. The beat is often made out of many short parts of normally long loops or out of mechanical and natural noise sounds. No limit of language. No limit of style. No limit on searching. No limit of length. No limit at all.
The compositions can be anything between 3 to 15 minutes long. Experiments with a structure.
No restrictions to verse – chorus – verse formats. Tightly composed parts combined with totally free improvisations. No limit of using acoustic or electric bass.” I just do something with bass drums and no one notices that there’s no bass at all” (Sasha Pushkin) Slowing down and speeding up instrumental lines simultaneously. Building a composition on dialog principal. Minimal tendencies combined with explosively eclectic parts. Harmony and dissonance. Putting together elements of different styles. Transparent arrangements. Mixing cold mechanic with warm emotion. Hidden massage. Intellectual and spiritual touch.
Music for 7 shakras. Conceptually composed performance. Theatrical touches. Every musician is a visual figure in the field of stage light – projected atmosphere. Every composition is an audio-visual story, waiting to unfold.
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