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Tunguska Electronic Music Society

Autumn Tram

Жанр: инструментал, саундтрек

Релиз: 2013

1. Malerija - OCEHb
2. Electro-Nick - Grandpa Horse
3. 3D Stas - Jamaica Oldschool
4. Olga Scotland - Drift
5. Spartak Bourangoulov - For Sophie
6. Nikolay Rakushin - I Shall Sing
7. The Moonlight Whisper - Instant Before Awakening
8. EXIT project - Letter to J.G.
9. Spies Boys - Few Seconds Ago
10. Re - Russian
11. Ramil Shamsutdinov - Cruise
12. Lunar Cape - Pink Slippers
13. Oleg Sirenko - Fallen Flower

Tunguska Electronic Music Society resumes the "Artefact" series, dedicated to mysterious findings & journeys. But, besides the immersion into the sound images, the second "Tram" album has a new cunning feature... Thanks to the 3plet platform we've got an opportunity to unite our music with the visual art of our painting friends. It may seem bold to you, but this reminds us of the "Pictures at an Exhibition" by Mussorgsky-Hartmann-Stasov. We gladly invite you to visit our exhibition-concert. And, in accordance with the established tradition, please come up by the tram!