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The Aftermath

Charming October

Жанр: folk

Релиз: 2014

1 How can I find you
2 Girl with a hat on her head
3 I haven’t seen you many days
4 Charming October
5 I’ve got nothing to give you
6 Dali
7 Bouquet from my garden to her
8 Some time ago
9 Lonely
10 Town sinking in the sobs
11 Ballad of a dearest friend
12 If I say

"THE AFTERMATH" is an Ingush musical duet formed in 2004 by sisters Fatima Matieva and Taita Matieva. The girls were born and grew up in Grozny city (The Chechen Republic) and left their native place because of the war in 1994-1999. The event influenced on them so they started to write and perform their own songs without having any music education.
In 2006 “The Aftermath” released their first album "I Follow Song" which consists of 14 songs written and composed by Fatima and Taita. An interesting fact: sisters had no any live performances at the moment when the album had been recorded.
In 2012 the second album "Charming October" came out in a popular Russian magazine “Stereo&Video” http://www.stereo.ru/sv_onedisk.php? All 12 songs in the album are written and composed by Fatima and Taita.
For the deep lyrics and melody, combination of naturalness and refinement and charisma the duet’s creation is highly evaluated by the authoritative experts.