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Other Worlds Vol.2 Broken Beat

Жанр: Breaks| EDM | Breaks

Релиз: 2014

01 Record Needle Injection - Outstructured
02 Manmara - Tank
03 Peace Data - Magnet
04 Poperhnool vsTransdriver - Slow Cracker
05 Flucturion 2.0 - Dynamic Exosphere (remix) x
06 Emotion Code - Seventeenth Shade Of Tone
07 Callipso-Collapsa - Memory Cubes
08 Cosmic Vitality - Acceletration Force
09 Beat Curier - Dolfin On A Mission
10 R-Tibra - Looking For Atom
11 Denny De Kay - Sophia (Nimbus Formation Remix)
12 Nimbus Formation - Sleeper

Kissthesound Records is proud to announce the second in the art and sound series "Other Worlds".
An all-stars compilation album of an exclusive works from EDM , Breaks and Trance artists from Russian Federation and United Kingdom including Nimbus Formation, Emotion Code, Transdriver, Flucturion 2.0, Callipso-Collapsa, R-Tibra, Manmara, Peace Data, Beat Curier, Cosmic Vitality, Denny De Kay. Each track has a set of an exclusive out-of-this-world 3D images from Russian artists.
Kissthesound "Other Worlds" Vol.2 is an unmissable release of rare and exclusive electronic music!