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Dirty Epics (Ireland)

One Way Mirror

Жанр: Pop, Punk, New Wave

Релиз: 2013

1 Under the Knife
2 Electric Ballroom
3 Light Show
4 Let's Be Alone
5 Grey Matter
6 Beautiful Mistake
7 Those Pretty Things
8 Midnight Missing
9 The Darkest Hour
10 Surrender

Dirty Epics sophomore album, One-Way Mirror, produced by Declan Gaffney (U2) and Matt Paul (Amy Winehouse, Noistettes, Hotchip), is an offering of songs about the light and dark of the human condition, from blind faith and the first flourishes of love to the depths of depravity.

The songs form a story of two young lovers who meet by a stolen kiss, who run away to seek adventure together in the big city. Their wide eyed experience is tainted as they encounter forces that wish to corrupt mind and body. Will they survive unscathed?

With a combination of infectious songs and electric performances Dirty Epics are on a mission to get your blood pumping…