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Claymore (Serbia)

Lament of Victory

Жанр: epic power metal

Релиз: 2014

1. On the Wings of Time (5:11)
2. Sorrow’s Tear (4:14)
3. Night Sky (6:08)
4. Hymn of Vengeance (4:10)
5. Power of the Destiny (3:43)
6. Crossroad of Forever (5:11)
7. King in the North (5:37)
8. Glory is Calling Me (8:18)
9. Crossroad of Forever 2010 (Bonus track)


Claymore is independent female fronted epic power metal band from Lazarevac, Serbia.
The band released two albums - “The First Dawn of Sorrow” (2003) and “Lament of Victory” (2013). The music of Claymore can be described as mix of traditional European power metal with epic filmscore influences in the same vein with Manowar, Nightwish, Rhapsody of Fire, Bal-Sagoth, Dragonland and Virgin Steele, just to name a few.
The band was formed in 1994 by its original member Vlad Invictus (guitars and vocals). After many line up changes during the entire decade, the band finally recorded its debut album “The First Dawn of Sorrow” in 2003, which was released on CD and cassete for a Serbian record label “One Records”. The material itself was raw and homemade, but songs quickly found their way to listeners on a radio show called “Demo express 202”. The song “The Triumph” was among the top three most played songs for several months, but political and economical situation in Serbia was far from good for the bands that played metal and rock music. After dozen of shows the band went on hiatus.
In 2012 Vlad Invictus gathers a new line up of Claymore, which plays on local festival in Lazarevac. The band enters a local studio (“Midnight studio”) in February 2013 and begins recording their sophmore album called “Lament of Victory”. Album was produced, mixed and mastered by Boris Šurlan, a very young and talented producer. Cover art was done by famous artist Dušan Marković, the same artist who worked on band’s previous album. After three months of hard work the album was finished on May 13th 2013.

The band will release the new album under the famous Russian label “SoundAge Productions”.