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Jet Cadence


Жанр: Indi, rock

Релиз: 2013

1 Olympic
2 Feel Love
3 Red Moon
4 Enough
5 Hypnotize
7 Aliens
8 Bursting Through
9 Warm
10 Time

"Jet Cadence" band was based in the city of Chelyabinsk in 2010. The music of the band is diverse and is a mixture of different genres, such as alternative rock, indie rock, brit-pop, surf rock and even grunge. The sound of a classic rock band (vocals, guitar, bass, drums) is added with some zest of the keyboards. Sometimes piano passages suddenly burst into a pure guitar rock song, and some new cosmic dimensions open up in the soul-disturbing atmospheric moments.
Jet Cadence music includes both ripped rhythms and quite a lyrical and melodious songs. The vocalist's throat is sometimes tense to the limit spitting with aggressive, painful and emotional lines and sometimes gently and tenderly cradles. Sometimes the voice flirts, sometimes whispers in the ear, sometimes calls for a decisive action, and sometimes calls to forget about everything and just relax ...
"Jet Cadence" is influenced by many well-known and diverse bands, such as: Radiohead, Muse, Placebo, Kings of Leon, Two Door Cinema Club and Bloc Party.
The band has great experience of playing on various music venues in Russia. One of the main achievements of the band is the supporting the famous English band, "The Subways", in Ekaterinburg in 2012 on one of the most important music venues of the country, "Tele Club". "Jet Cadence" was appreciated not only by the audience of the concert, many of whom later became their loyal fans, but also by "The Subways", who were sincerely excited about this high-quality supporting.
The band had airplay on a Russian radio "Silver rain", participated in the project "Aurum Inutile" on "Radio Russia", where 2 of their songs were played. Also their tracks "Olympic", "A Kid Forever", "This Sunday" have been played in a Scotland Radio Show called "Whatever Rocks Your Boat" with Trish.
One of the latest band achievements is playing in the final tour of the famous independent festival in Moscow called "Indyushata - 2013"