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EXIT project

Mystery Journey Of Girl With Her Death

Жанр: Электроника, даунтемпо, экспериментальная

Релиз: 2014

1 Extraspection
2 Fly High
3 Fairy Tale
4 Dumb Dance
5 Not a Game
6 World full of People
7 Space Rain
8 Death is Simple
9 Closer to the End
10 Devochka i Smert
11 Open Heart
12 New People (reprise)

 Amazing Live Performance by Russian Art-stage Pacemakers
This bright, tuneful, sensitive, unlike any other music of its kind by EXIT project, the Moscow-based artistic band brings something fresh to the cute, yet predictable variety of what one would expect to come across at a contemporary art club stage.
Being as uncompromised as the true art phenomena should be, this five-piece collective of creative instrumentalists perform something that seriously puzzles any attempts of stylistic classification. With an obvious background in jazz, their music features an organic blend of vigor one would normally find in rock, academism of centuries' classics, subtlety of electronic flavor, and character of ethnic colors, which as common sense suggests, is intrinsic to world music.
With no sidemen on the floor, the cumulative charisma is... charming: The two beautiful soloists - sensitive ladies playing saxophone and violin, backed by a robust rhythm section and accompanied by some epic gentleman in the front making sound of any object you could think of – EXIT project is a must-see for any music lover.
However, it's not the stylistic arsenal and musical masterfulness that truly make their work touching - these people take you on an overwhelming journey where you suddenly discover yourself immersed in various moods, states, memories and feelings that eventually culminate in a happy celebration.
The musicians themselves label their approach to music as “art-fusion”. Though performing mainly original material, they sometimes resort to interpretations of remarkable contemporary jazz tunes. For instance, American composer, saxophonist, and trend-setting guru John Zorn himself enjoyed one of such “creative arrangements” of his piece by EXIT project and blessed to keep on with it.
The new album “Girl and the Death” is the second live performance-oriented venture of EXIT project, the band, which for a decade was repeatedly marked by critics and dainty audience for original, subtle and deep, yet predominantly electronic arrangements carrying a touch of IDM, drum'n'bass, acid Jazz, and down- tempo with their own authentic flavor. However, live instruments have always been the core to reveal the melody and bring the message amongst the soundscapes of electronic timbre.
Since the debut in 2001 the band released 4 studio albums and 2 concert recordings, highlighted with creative design and distribution models. The overall number of CD copies featuring the tracks of EXIT project hits 1,000000. The band's music has been used in film and theater, and collaborations with acknowledged jazz and pop figures exposed the band's work to larger audience.
An artistic jewel from the country, which high culture for the majority of westerners is associated with the ballet and thoughtful classics, this unique band is still to be discovered by the Western listener. Whether it's a festival appearance or a solo performance, come see them and enjoy... the Music!